Drinks, foreign food and the lots


Hi everyone,

No pictures this time. The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy with a large number of assignments that needed to be finished. This thursday, semester 1 finished, and the only thing ahead right now are two exams, at the end of June.

The last few weeks we’ve also seen the weather turning to its winter state, with temperatures in the early morning dropping as low as five degrees, while remaining just around the twenties during the day. This weekend we’ll be getting about 24 degrees, which is still really nice for the end of autumn.

During our last class, one of my lecturers propped the idea of having a “social get-together” after our final assignment. Moreover, she invited our entire group (just 8 people, though) at her house for lunch. Everyone of us actually brought something which was unique to their country – to give you an idea, with a foreign lecturer we only have one Australian student for that particular class.

So today was spent tasting food from India, Colombia, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Australia accompanied by Belgian chocolates and Stella. I was in fact planning of bringing a variety of Belgian beers to the dinner table, but did not succeed. Early this week I called a local “Belgian pub” to see whether I could buy some beers by the bottle. They assured me that shouldn’t be a problem. So, with my wish list entertaining beers such as Westmalle, Duvel, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Kriek and ofcourse Stella. Must admit that the desired quantity of those goods sharply dropped after I was informed of their price: a small bottle of even cheap Belgian beer averages around 8 euros here in Perth.

What really bummed the entire idea though was the fact that suddenly the pub wasn’t willing to sell me anything if I didn’t drink it there. “No takeaways” has been apparent policy there for a number of years. Filled with despair on the fact that I couldn’t make good on my promise (chocolates & beer) I walked into a local bottle shop.

And there it was. A nice six-pack of Stella, for only 5 euros. Exactly what I needed. Or not, cause Stella is actually brewed in Australia as well, it’s merely licensed from Interbrew. Ah well, close enough. During the actual event, Stella was a smash hit. Not as much as the chocolates though, which were supposed to last throughout the afternoon tea. The lecturer’s teenage son though, quickly noticed that we weren’t eating them fast enough (could we?) and was glad to assist.

So I’m sitting here, behind my laptop, having eaten more than I would normally eat in an entire week. Which is why I’ll leave you for now.

Talk to you soon.


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