The Pinnacles

Don’t you just love that view. This is just about one hour and fifteen minutes’ drive outside of the center of Perth. Hope you are all enjoying the weather in Belgium. Here it’s still pretty nice during the daytime, with daytime temperatures averaging 23, but at night it gets a bit colder now (around 10 degrees).

On the 29th of April I paid a visit to Nambung National Park, about 250 kilometers from Perth. The national park is especially known because of a small stretch of desert that is attached to it, the so-called Pinnacles.

These are limestone pillars created through a process of erosion leading back multiple thousands of years. Most of them however have been covered by sand during that period and only appeared in the last few hundred years. Don’t let the size of these things fool you, some of them were up to 4 meters tall.

Supposedly September is the best time to visit, as you then have numerous wildflowers growing between the limestone. In April, just after summer, there’s not much life there.

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