Could I have some Pacific Pleasure please?

I promise I won’t be making too much covert advertising anymore, but today is an exception. The “Pacific Pleasure” is a great juice created by Java Juice, a local Perth juice bar. They’re absolutely excellent and sell a wide variety of 100% juices, both vegetable and fruit. In short, THEY ROCK !

The reason I’m bringing this up is that I’m going to look for some pacific pleasure myself. Tomorrow night I will be leaving to Nadi, Fiji until the 25th of July. I don’t intend to stay in Nadi for long, and will head out to the islands shortly after. While it is the “rainy” season, temperatures in Fiji are up during the day to about 28 degrees.

On another note, this morning I went into a copy/printing business just down the street to send a fax to the US (for which my university intended to charge me a hefty 52 AU$ fee). When I asked this to the woman behind the counter, she suddenly yelled out “zoetje, hoeveel is dat voor nen fax naar Amerika?”. Yes, the owners were a Belgian-Dutch couple. That brings the grand total of Belgians I have met in Australia (during my previous holiday and study) to three.

Cheers, talk to you the 25th!


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