Margaret River and Ngilgi cave

The picture really doesn’t to this scenery justice. Depicted is Prevally Park, close to the area where the Margaret River exits into the Indian Ocean. It is quite a popular surfing spot, especially in Autumn, when it attracts surfers from across the world. The swell was not too high today, and due to the colder water temperatures it isn’t quite as popular in mid-winter. Nevertheless, these waves were still huge in my book.

Margaret River is a town about 280 kilometers from Perth with about 10 000 inhabitants. It is however a major tourist capital, central to the Leeuwin-Naturaliste wine region, which attracts more than half a million visitors yearly.

A nice winery near Margaret River is Rivendell Wines. As expected, there isn’t much growing in winter though. The winery also has a beautiful garden area that you can visit.

A natural phenomenon about half an hour from the town is Ngilgi cave. It was discovered in 1899 by a young boy while he was looking for a runaway cow. Initially it was marketed by its owners as a romantic newlywed destination. Couples could visit the caves by being lowered down in a basket with only a candle for about six hours.

Nowadays you can walk through the caves, enjoying the wide variety of stalactite and stalagmite formations. The caves go about 37 meters underground.

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