7th Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference

Getting back to Perth, there wasn’t all that much time to relax. On the 5th of December I was presenting a research paper at the 7th Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference. A picture taken of the presentation is below.

The abstract of my paper:

The concept of covert channels has been visited frequently by academia in a quest to analyse their occurrence and prevention in trusted systems. This has lead to a wide variety of approaches being developed to prevent and identify such channels and implement applicable countermeasures. However, little of this research has actually trickled down into the field of operational security management and risk analysis. Quite recently a number of covert channels and enabling tools have appeared that did have a significant impact on the operational security of organizations. This paper identifies a number of those channels and shows the relative ease with which new ones can be devised. It identifies how risk management processes do not take this upcoming threat into account and suggests where improvements would be helpful.

The full paper can be found here and lecture slides here.

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