Recently, I enrolled in a writing class. This is my first poem.


You are grand, my sturdy steed
Each day I skip the roses, leave my nest behind,
Instead I visit you
My carrousel, whirling across the steppe
Your well oiled skin, inviting the underworld to journey along

I pick, plodder and hover my wings
Endearing myself to you
Fitting my beak to that endless itch
And lightening your mood, just a little bit

There we go, once more together
Into the wild, hitting trees and bush
With a violence awakening Dracula’s closest friends,
Lifting them off the brush,
So they can suck your veins dry
I defend you, stand up for you
And with that get a taste of your flesh

It tastes so good
And it is so clear to me
Never will I leave you
We stand or fall together

Until you take that little dip
Where I must say goodbye
If only for a splash
I hunt a sly hovercraft bumbling along the shore
It hits the spot, imperfectly so,
Lacking your buttery seasoning
But soon I see a glide path, make my approach
Sliding along your slippery derriere
Holding on tight, finding my way in your thick coat
Feeling right at home, resting my wings

Our time of separation made our love contentious
There is no longer you and me
More than two claws are in this mix
But you step up, my giant, avoiding the clear cut
That would drift us apart
Off you go, at a speed comfortable only to me
As I know all your curves
And know exactly where to hold on to
As we come to a halt, your hooves in the sand, my claws in your flesh

I know I am in your good graces
Serving you well
As I am rewarded by the ruckus and odors of your happy belch
On I go, fumbling and bumbling once more along your thick outline
Relieving you of one more mite 
That got too close to you, feeding our mutual attraction
Clearing up any remaining doubts
About the sense and sensibility of how you and I are meant to be

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